Mitchell Tenpenny is a rare combination. Not only is he a lifelong Nashville native, he is also one of Nashville's top emerging songwriters known for his extensive musical talent. He has played the guitar since the age of 13, and his talent and dedication to his craft has expanded his repertoire to include many other stringed instruments, the organ, and the drums. He also sings both lead and back-up vocals, and his unique voice lends credence and believability to a diverse array of genres ranging from rock to country and blues to pop.

As a twenty-five year old musician and graduate of Middle Tennessee State University, Mitchell has grown up in and around the music business. His grandmother was the late Donna Hilley, who for years ran Sony/Tree Music Publishing and exposed him to singers like Brooks & Dunn and Blake Shelton as well as some of the best artists, songwriters, producers, and engineers in the business. The advice gleaned from these industry experts as well as his own broad musical interests have laid the groundwork he needed to develop the distinct style for which he is known today.

A few of the artists who can claim the greatest influence on his career are Brooks & Dunn, Vince Gill, John Mayer, Justin Timberlake and Michael Jackson. A life spent learning from the best country music has to offer combined with his own R&B and pop interests has produced the artist that Mitchell Tenpenny is today. His songs are eclectic, powerful, and memorable, and both on the stage and in the recording studio, he always gives the audience more and more of himself through his music.

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Unmastered music from Mitchell Tenpenny’s debut album. Please do not download or share. For private use only.

Black Crow

This is my favorite song on the album by far. It was a blast to have Ace Frehley from KISS and Brian Welch from KORN playing guitar on this cut. If you haven’t noticed a trend by now most of these songs were written about the same girl. This album was written during a very important time in my life. I was finally seeing what I really cared about and what I wanted to accomplish. Every deep thought and decision always revolved around her though. So one day I was walking through campus at MTSU and I heard a girl scream to her friend that ‘He’s on the loose, He stole my heart.” As a songwriter you look for golden moments like these, ha. I remember thinking that’s the perfect song about my current life. I went home and wrote a song about it with my best friend Brad Clawson. We discussed the idea and changed the girl’s hair color and made her seem a little darker, like she had an attitude and edginess that came with her. She’s a black crow out of control, dial 911 and let them know. There’s a thief on the loose and she’s running off with my heart. I couldn’t think of a better way to express how this girl completely changed my world and stole my heart. This song tells the entire story. From when I met to till when she took it all!

Written by Mitchell Tenpenny, Brad Clawson


This song is the follow up song to Love And Rock N Roll. It’s about telling the girl of your dreams, in my case my best friend, that you have feelings for them. It might be a mistake, but I want that mistake to be with them. Life is way to short not tell people how you feel about them. Especially if you think they are the one! I wrote this song to express that it’s ok to have these feelings. It’s not like you can control them anyway. When there is something in life you want you have to go get it. Don’t let any wall or any boundary stop you. The last thing you want to say is “What if?” Tell people how you feel! You never know it could be the greatest decision of your life!

Written by Mitchell Tenpenny, Brad Clawson

Guitars Guns And Gasoline

This song was a fun song to write with my buddy Brad Clawson. We love to hunt fish and be outdoors. It’s a simple as that. I thought it would be cool to write a song about all the good things in life that start with the letter G. So we thought God, girls, golf, guns, guitars, gasoline, Grandpa, etc. The song came together pretty fast and instantly became one of our favorite songs to play live. I’ll tell you we don’t need much more to be happy then the three things in this title!

Written by Mitchell Tenpenny, Brad Clawson

She Met Me

This was a fun song to write. We actually wrote this song on a buddies boat one semester in college. We were hanging out and thought it would be cool to write a song about the difference in a southern man and a northern woman. Ha, I am not saying that northern women are bad by any means!! I’m just saying we have different cultures. So I wanted to write a fun song about showing a city girl the Nashville laidback lifestyle. We gave it a little attitude to show how proud we are to be from the South. Sometimes you just need to slow down with that fast New York paced lifestyle and just do a little back road kissin!

Written by Mitchell Tenpenny, Kaleena Hutchins, Benjamin Reid Isbell, Matt Rotoni

Love And Rock N’ Roll

I remember it was a hot sunny day over 100 degrees in Nashville and I was going to eat with my best friend in the world. The only thing was I loved this girl and I thought everything she did was perfect. However, she didn’t know I had feelings for her like that. So naturally the windows were rolled down and we had the radio cranked. I was loving life soaking it all in! She looked so gorgeous with her blonde hair blowing more perfect than a cliché. I looked over and I realized that everything I care about in this world was sitting in the passenger seat. I knew I had to write a song about it because I didn’t want to tell her and ruin our friendship but I had to get it out some way! This song was written about her. Ha, there is no denying that.

Written by Mitchell Tenpenny, Brad Clawson

Just Not Today

This song is one of my favorite songs I have ever written. It means a lot to me. I was sitting before class one day when one of my friends I made that semester came into class crying. She sat down next to me. Being the nosey person I am, I asked her what was wrong. She began to go into detail about how her best friend broke up with her boyfriend and ended up taking her own life because she felt like there was nothing else to live for. I don’t why that hit me so hard but I couldn’t get it off my mind all day long. I felt so bad for that girl who took her life. There is always so much more. It will always be ok, it just takes time. I wrote this song about when you break up with someone you love. Sometimes it’s not anyone’s fault. People change. You deserve to hurt. You deserve to feel pain. You deserve to have time! You just ended a relationship with someone you thought you would be with the rest of your life. That isn’t easy. However, there is always hope. The lyrics read “don’t worry about words. Ignore what they say. We deserve to hurt then rebuild our worth. Just not today.” It’s going to take longer than a day but it will be ok. Have faith that it’s going to be taken care of stay strong. It’s ok to cry your eyes out. It’s ok to feel! But I promise it will end up good. Don’t take the easy way out of anything. You were made to withstand the storm. Have faith and trust there is a plan. You will get over your relationship. It just might not be today!

Written by Mitchell Tenpenny

Spent All My Money On Beer

I remember sitting in my house in college with my roommates. They were talking about how much money each of them owed each other. Ha, in college you penny pick like crazy because you don’t have any money. So naturally they were trying to even each other’s debts out when one of my roommates finally yelled “I spent all my money on beer!!!” Ha, I instantly ran up stairs and made up a story to correspond with that hook.

Written by Mitchell Tenpenny

All Kinds Of Time

I went to private schools my whole life. However, my family was not rich by any means. We lived happily with eve any means. We lived happily with everything we had and never complained about what we didn’t. We were average and I loved it! I started to see a trend in a lot of the girls I went to school with over the years. All they cared about was money and what their potential boyfriends could provide for them. I hated that! My father taught me that women are the most precious jewels in the world and that if you treat them with respect and dignity you will have a long and happy relationship. However, I was starting to see that a lot of them didn’t care how you treated them as long as you could buy them “Things.” I wanted to write a song about a girl that doesn’t need anything but your time. Just an easygoing song about a couple that truly loves each other’s company. I may not have much money but I’ve got all kinds of time. I still believe what my father told me. There are woman out there that want a genuine man. They deserve the best!

Written by Mitchell Tenpenny, Brad Clawson

Radio Dial

This song is simply about trying to turn the page on a broken relationship. Every relationship has something about it that lingers. Whether it’s a song, a bar, a town etc., it always leaves something behind. In this song it’s a song on the radio. I remember hearing a song that an ex and I loved. I immediately changed the station because I couldn’t handle it at the moment. I’ve learned that sometimes you have to remove yourself from that person in every aspect to truly get over them. So I Changed the Radio Dial!

Written by Mitchell Tenpenny, Josh Withenshaw

Una Margarita

A really good friend of mine named Greg McCollum came to Brad and I with this idea. He told us this story he thought up about a man and a woman going on a honeymoon, and the woman cheats on him during the plane ride there. Sometimes when hard times hit you need to sit back and relax and drink a refreshing margarita! So we ran with this idea and had a blast writing it together. It’s a story song from the beginning. You have to pay attention to the words in detail but if you listen closely you will find a cool story in-between the melody. No body likes a cheater it isn’t cool it isn’t ok! So we wanted to write an anthem for all those who have been cheated on. It will all be ok! Just sip back a cold margarita and stay strong!

Written by Mitchell Tenpenny, Brad Clawson, Greg McCollum

Canes Creek

I Love this song! The Steel Drivers are one of my favorite bands and I was so excited to have them as the band on this song. I wrote it after Brad Clawson and I went fishing one day. We explored around and looked for the best possible fishing spot! Even if the signs said no trespassing we were going to find that special spot. When I got home I thought it would be fun to write a song about taking a girl to your favorite fishing hole where no one knows about. Just set back, relax, crack open a beer and enjoy each other’s company. Most importantly, thank God for allowing you to be there with that special someone. I owe everything to Him and I believe he puts people and situations in your life for a reason. Out of that belief came Canes Creek. P.S. — you will never know where it’s at! Ha.

Written by Mitchell Tenpenny